Good Ideas to Organize Your Closet

colset The rule of thumb towards organizing your closet is first separating
clothing and shoes that you use and the ones you need to eliminate. If
you have not worn an item for 6 months to over a year, get rid of it. On
doing this, you will realize that you have many ideas and space for
your clothes.

De-clutter first to organize your closet

De-cluttering is
the first step that you should take as you organize your closet. Review
each item in the closet and determine its value. Some of the good ideas
include setting aside a weekend and examining the closet, cleaning and
organizing. When doing this, have boxes handy for storage as well as
storage bags for clothing that you need to eliminate. Set aside the
off-season clothes like winter coats and boots, summer and holiday
clothing. You also need to set aside clothes to give to charity,
especially those that you have not used in six months, and to the trash
bin, torn, shrunken stained and the ones not worthy giving away.

Sort out the remaining clothing

Good ideas only make sense after the junk is gone, which make it easier to
organize items that matter. When you start to organize your closet, you
need to be logical, whereby you use one section for matching clothing
and store work clothing together, play, or casual clothing together, and
leave ample room for long coats and dresses. If your closet is divided,
use the upper part for shirts and blouses, leaving the lower section
jeans pants and slacks.

The next step will be to sort them by their type and colours. Ideally, group pants, jeans, slacks and capris
together, while sorting them into their colours, which are blues, whites, blacks, and others. On the other hand, hang shirts and blouses by their type, which can be casual, dressy, and primary colours.

Consider installing as many hooks and racks as is necessary. For instance, have a
rack for scarves, have a rack for purses, hats and caps, shoes, and
dry-cleaning bag. Once you organize the closet, it will become much
easier to locate the items that you need, and be able to put them back
where they belong easily after laundry.

Good ideas for other clothing

If you have a walk in closet and space allows, some good ideas include
keeping following items inside. When it comes to lingerie, for instance
panties, bras, and socks, it makes sense to have them next to the rest
of clothing. You cannot eliminate a full-length mirror as you organize
your closet alternatively get a standing mirror instead. If you have a
mid-height closet, you can set aside a shelf for jewellery, or have
another position on the wall to hang jewellery. Organizing your closet
should not be a headache, and you can make it a weekend project, in
which you will bring back calm and organization and make dressing up
much easier.