Decorate a Living-Room with a Small Budget

cheap living-room decoration Regardless of the number of rooms available in a home, the living room is the most
important, since this is where family and friends gather and spend time
together. Decorating it can also be a fun activity to do on a small

The first item on the to-do-list is de-clutter, and clean
the room. Remove unnecessary items and boxes, do thorough cleaning
including the floor, furniture, windows and walls. This will give you
the perfect d├ęcor canvas to work with before you begin to decorate a
living-room. On cleaning up, it will become apparent to you that you
actually need very little to make the room elegant.

Give the floor a new life

carpet One of the best ways in which you can make a dull floor look great is by
re-carpeting or changing the tiles. Yet, this is prohibitively expensive
when you are on a small budget. Alternatively, you can buy cheaper
floor rugs and spread them in appropriate locations in the room, and it
will have new life. You will find a wide variety of floor rugs that you
can afford while on budget to decorate a living-room.

Change the colour scheme

The other inexpensive way of decorating a living room is by changing the
colour scheme. You may choose a different colour altogether,
alternatively, bring in some new colours into the main colour and the
room will look different. Giving the room a different colour from the
former will make it look like it is newly furnished and stylish too. For
you to get the ideal professional look, give the room a new
professional coat of paint. You can also consider mixing two or three
colours, while using the darker shades to accent some areas of the room.

Introduce indoor plants

interior plant The other great way that you can add life to an otherwise boring living
room is by introducing indoor plans. Green added to a room makes it look
cool and classy. For you to achieve this, you will need to buy a few
potted plants and arrange them in appropriate locations of the room,
especially where there is sufficient light. Alternatively, you can place
them in a dark corner and then add a lamp to light up the area. This
will result in a beautiful corner arrangement as well as ensure the
plants stay healthy.

Rearrange the furniture

The other affordable way in which you can decorate a living-room on a small
budget is by rearranging the furniture. For instance, relocate the couch
from the wall to another location, and move the TV or entertainment
unit to another spot. The key thing here is to experiment with different
room arrangements. If the furniture’s condition is not very good, you
can use slipcovers or paint it afresh. At the same time, using throw
pillows in different textures and colours also improves the way a living
room looks.

Accessorise the walls

wall decoration The last and affordable way to decorate a living-room while on a small budget is to
use pictures, wall art, and accessories. You may find that you already
have a few pieces at home, and if you require more, you can always find a
great sale in your neighbourhood. The catch with these decor items is
creativity, and good arrangement on the wall while avoiding cluttering.