A Real Garage Makeover: A New Room for All

garage renovation Garages these days are not just areas where the gas-guzzling vehicles of the family are housed. Because space is at a premium, DIY garage makeover has become a fad. A garage that was once the dumping ground for all the unused possessions the family does not want to discard has morphed into a new room…a multifunctional area that is enjoyed and used by all the members of the family.

Garage turned storage area

Keeping the car safe from the elements and from the villainous members
of the society is the prime purpose of garages. However, the area that
houses the car also becomes the repository of all the things the family
seldom use. We tend to store all the family’s accumulated junks in the
garage. Overtime, the garage will be filled with busted appliances,
unused exercise and sports equipment, paint cans, dilapidated furniture
and other odds and ends. If parking the car already becomes a concern
because of teetering crates and storage boxes, if walking in the garage
is not unlike navigating a maze, reducing the clutter and a garage
makeover will be extremely necessary.

Making the garage an extension of the house

The garage can be turned into a new room where the young ones can
hangout. A simple makeover will turn a portion of the garage into an
area where mom can hone her artistic talent with paints and brushes
without worrying about paint spills that can ruin the flooring. The
garage can be turned into a functional area where dad can work on his
carpentry hobby. A simple garage makeover will not only add oomph to
the visual appeal of this usually neglected part of the house but also
turn the dusty and dark space into a functional new room for the family.

A simple garage makeover

Start the makeover by DE-cluttering the garage. A space for everything
and everything in its space would be a good motto to follow. Sort out
all the odds and ends into discard and keep piles. Don’t be afraid to
get rid of all the stuffs unused for years. Remember, you are reducing
the clutter in your garage. It would be a good idea to store the “keep”
stuff in clear air tight plastic boxes. Vertical storage shelves can
work wonders in giving the garage a more organized look. Designate a
specific area where these shelves and storage boxes will be kept.
Remember, the garage is still the car’s domain thus ample space has to
be provided for the car and for the necessary car maintenance chores.

Garage makeovers can be fun. With a lot of imagination the garage can be turned into another living space for the family.