Create a cosy living-room with simple items

Create a Cosy Living-Room with Simple Items

living room It doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to create a cosy living-room that is warm
and inviting. Unlike a look of grand elegance, luxury or showcase
perfection, cosiness is very easily attained with little money.
Living-rooms are a place that should inherently be relaxing, where you
can put your feet up after a hard day’s work or drift off and lose
yourself in a book or a film. Cosiness equals softness, texture, warmth,
cushions and lounging and thankfully these things can be simply
achieved with relatively few inexpensive items and accessories.

Basic Pieces

Create a cosy living-room starting with the basics. A sofa can often be the
centre-piece of a living-room and to enhance the relaxation factor of
the room, the sofa should be large, soft and wide enough that you can
easily put your feet up or curl into a ball in the corner if you so
desire. In addition to this, when decorating the room, opt for earthy
and neutral colors like beiges, whites, pastels, browns and greys for a
delicate and subtly tranquil ambience. Brighter hues can be too
stimulating for relaxation purposes so avoid strong color clashing or
bold wallpaper. Texturise as much as possible. Go for either a hardwood
floor with a large thick rug in the centre, or lay down a soft carpet
that keeps heat in and promotes warmth and comfort. It is also a good
idea to buy thick and heavy curtains as opposed to modern blinds as they
lend themselves very well to insulation and warmth as well as looking

Accessories and Additions

Simple items like cushions,
throws and candles can really make the world of difference to a room.
Even if your furniture is stiff or uncomfortable and you cannot change
it, the addition of a few well considered accessories will help to
encourage a softer ambience. Invest in good quality throws and small
blankets and drape them over the back of the sofa and any chairs that
lie around. These should be thick and woolly or made of fleece. Cushions
and little pillows are another very simple but highly effective way of
cosying-up a room. Choose a variety of cushions in an array of patterns,
textures and prints for a super-warm and trendy look. Candles, and
scented candles in particular are another way of making a living-room
warmer. Go for delicate scents and place them in corners for subtle
lighting that will add to the soft furnishings in a fantastic way. Other
simple items like photo frames and personalised ornaments can add a
level of warmth as can wooden materials.