Create a little bathroom in the parental room

bathroom In the mood for a little re-modeling? Is the bathroom down the hall
suddenly too cramped to share early In the morning with the missus? Or
are children taking over your bathing room as usual? All you need to do
is to remodel without the contractors and get what you need. There are
simple steps to create a bathroom without hiring or spending an extra
dime. Sure you would need some firsr-hand technical knowledge but other
than that, you’re good to go.

Follow these steps to help you create a bathing space for yourself:

Design what you want first

Sketch out what you need. Be it a graph or a design I has to be a
layout. Be it on the internet or just a sketch of somebody else’s
bathroom, you need to have it on paper so that you can see how much room
it requires and how much room are you willing to give it.

Buy the essentials
You need to buy the bare essentials like the flooring, tiles, etc. If
you have a storage space or a pantry already near to your room then
that would provide you with space and a door which can be utilized to
create a bathroom. Nothing like waking up and going to an empty restroom
without the children running you over. I think everybody should have
such an area next to the parental room. Convert a dresser, any old one
would do, into a washroom vanity.

Install the tub, the sink, the toilet and sit back and watch the
transformation. If you don’t want tiles, that’s okay use wallpaper any
old one that’s lying in the garage or from the children’s room and
create a bathroom.

Last but not the least
Buy shower curtains, toilet roll and soap, and your good to go.
The little bathroom next to the parent’s room is voila ready. Just in
case you do find the installation a little difficult ask any old
neighbor to help you so that your neighbors get a chance to repay you
once in a while for all the handy work you’ve ever done for them.

a modern day world, making your very own parental room or a cozy
bathroom is quite a feeling. Make sure the plumbing is done properly but
that’s the only concern you should have. There should definitely be an
attached bathing area next to the parental room but even if there wasn’t
never mind, you’ve built it on your own and that’s what matters.