Creat a Real Kids’ Room in your House

Create a Real Kids’ Room in your House

kids room decoration If you have the glorious option of dedicating an entire room in your home
to kids then it is more than worth taking the time to really think about
it. What is the purpose of it? Is it to keep kids away from other rooms
or simply to keep then entertained throughout the day? Do you want to
to be an educational room where they do homework? A relaxing room where
they watch films? A playroom where they can go totally nuts? And what is
your budget? Whatever the answer to these questions, it is relatively
simple to successfully achieve what you want with a little pre-thought
and a lot of creativity.

Younger Children

For younger kids of below the age of 10, play and activity is key. First and foremost, it
is a great idea to injury-proof the room and the contents as much as
possible so that they can safely play around without the possibility of
running into a sharp corner or falling on a concrete floor. Choose soft
and rounded furniture pieces, but not many, as space would be more
desirable than a room filled with objects for this age group. Go for
soft carpets with fluffy textures and a lot of cushions that can be
thrown around. Make colours as bright and varied as possible for extra
stimulation and also have a CD player or radio playing kids songs in the
background so the TV does not have t be constantly on.

Older Children

older children room decoration Create a real kids’ room for older children by focusing on making a space that
is private and has the options of both relaxing and being active. A way
to achieve this is by having a homework area incorporated into the room
via a desk and computer. Pre-teen kids very often want some degree of
privacy and alone time so combining this with a study area is always a
good option. An entertainment area is also inevitable here so invest in a
great comfy sofa that can sit a few of their friends for a DVD evening
or a chat away from the adults. Decor-wise try to veer away from
overly-childish colours and design schemes and opt for pastel colours
instead. Create a real kids’ room even further by having a music system
and computer game zone integrated into the space as this will surely be
the focal point for kids of this age group.