How to freshen-up your kitchen

kitchen decoration The kitchen is not just the area where the food of the family is prepared.
Kitchens these days have morphed into multipurpose rooms. The kitchen
has in fact become the heart of the home as the family tend to
congregate in this area. The family starts the day with a rushed
breakfast in the kitchen. Again, the family would make a beeline for the
kitchen at the end of the day…the kids will grab a glass of milk and a
cookie and the adults for a hot cup of coffee. Because of the heavy
traffic, kitchens have to be functional but also pleasing to the eye. It
is therefore not surprising if homeowners would want to do kitchen
makeovers. Without breaking the bank you too can freshen-up your kitchen
with easy how to ideas.

How to plan for the kitchen makeover

The task to freshen-up your kitchen can be challenging but for sure it
would be lots of fun. Giving the kitchen a facelift is one of the more
expensive home remodelling projects. However, with the right how to
information, the kitchen improvement project can be done on a budget.
The first task is to consider what part of the kitchen urgently needs
updating. Are the counter tops chipped, are the cabinet doors hanging
awry or is the paint peeling? Simply changing the lighting fixtures or
hanging colourful curtains will already make a dramatic impact that will
freshen-up your kitchen. Before deciding on what must be done, there
has to be a concrete idea on what the finished project will look like.

Reface cabinets and replace counter tops

Oftentimes, the still functional cabinets contribute to the less
pleasing appearance of the kitchen. Outmoded cabinets can be given a new
look with a fresh coat of paint and new hardware. Matching knobs, pulls
and hinges will breathe new life to the old cabinets. Decorative
tinted, etched, stained or clear glass doors are in these days.
Replacing the still sturdy wood cabinets would not be necessary. The
kitchen will have a new look even if only the cabinet doors are
replaced. Replace the chipped ceramic tile counter top with stainless
steel or with granite or glass if the budget permits.

Freshen-up your kitchens floor and walls

A new coat of paint can do wonders to the overall appearance of the
kitchen. It is also one of the cheapest methods of giving the kitchen a
new look. Give your kitchen floor a new life by refinishing wooden
floors or getting the help of a professional to re-polish a stone
flooring. Covering the floor with an attractive linoleum will be less
expensive but the desired effect of giving the kitchen a face lift will
still be achieved.

An unlimited budget is not really necessary to
make the kitchen look great. You only need to be creative and to have a
lot of determination to accomplish the task